Hello Beautiful,

I am so happy to meet you.

Do you have something you’d like help with? Shall we take a closer look at a question deep in your heart?

I’d love to.

Being a good mom/person/spouse isn’t about parroting someone else’s beliefs, it isn’t about reading a book and memorizing the correct thing to say or do. Succeeding at self-care, succeeding at parenting, succeeding at all of our relationships, happens in little micro-moments throughout the day, little triumphs of connection.

My sessions will help you strip down and untangle your knotted situation. We’ll look at “what is” and find a way to get to a different perspective, to an optimistic, clearer, better view. We will talk about the big stuff and the little – from parenting struggles, like bedtime and afterschool meltdowns to personal fears and hopes.

I offer a coaching package to a select few clients. The package includes three, hour-long phone calls, and unlimited text support throughout the month. Coaching packages are $400 per month, three months minimum.

Please email me and we’ll see what we can do together.